US-Mexico Boarder:
Place, Imagination and Possibility
Lille, France.

Lille3000, an international multimedia show celebrating Lille as the Cultural capital of Europe with more than 50 exhibitions from April to July 2019

I am very excited about it!
I have several pieces, including a screening of my Tumble Dreams Installation, related to Immigrants in Los Angeles, with video mapped projection on tumbleweeds, also an interactive textile piece called La Bestia\ that I did with the Mayan community in Guatemala and finally, a sound installation about the US/Mexico Boarder.

Mundos Alternos: Art Science Fiction in the Americas

Queens Museum – Queens, New York
April 7th – August 19th, 2019

This show has two large pieces from my Encoded Textiles series. Art News published a brief description with a great photo of one of the pieces, It is called The Visionary, one of the large tapestries I did with the Mapuche community.
Encoded Textiles

March 4, 2019

Encoded Textiles

La Bestia (the Best) 2017, Mixed media, Textile and Bar code with audio file, in exhibit at the CAFAM.

Recent series

Trusting, 2017, from my upcoming series of Neon Art, This are cultural and political commentaries.

Bar-codes Branding America

The Price of Democracy, 2012, from the Bar-code series 40″ x 40″, part of a triptych.