This large piece is a form of urban archaeology. Retrieved street posters comprise the layers of this work, which the artist literally digs into to reveal and remove portions of the image and illustrate both the high volume and disposability of information in this culture.

My work in the series “L.A. Sites” attempts to uncover and construct an archaeology of the urban landscape. Images and fragments of information taken from posters found on the streets of Los Angeles are juxtaposed with images representing contemporary life and fragments of the past. The interaction between these two elements create windows of perspective on the past and the present, seen from the vantage point of the future. This layering of images and symbols creates a kind of artifact and record of urban culture and history that one might find in an archaeological excavation of one’s own city, in a style that could be seen as a form of twenty first century cave art, where modern times and the past converge.

Guillermo Bert Interview with Huell Howser